Seven Hills Women's Health Centers & Cincinnati Breast Surgeons Join Axia Women’s Health

Seven Hills Women's Health Centers & Cincinnati Breast Surgeons Join Axia Women’s Health


Axia Women’s Health Expands Midwest Presence

The New Jersey-headquartered women’s health group will add 57 providers and 20 locations as it extends its footprint into Ohio and Kentucky.

June 24, 2020 – Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers, a leader in women’s healthcare with 20 locations in the Greater Cincinnati region, has joined Axia Women’s Health. This addition allows Axia Women’s Health to extend its fast-growing portfolio of services into both Ohio and Kentucky, while continuing to lead the way in improving women’s health in the Midwest.

“We’re pleased to join the Axia Women’s Health family,” states Dr. Ambrose Puttmann, President of Seven Hill Women’s Health Centers. “We look forward to bringing new programs to better serve women, continuing to expand our ability to provide in-office surgeries, as well as improving wellness, prevention, and maternity outcomes in our community.”  Axia Women’s Health has led the way in reducing c-section rates and improving patient recovery in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with its combined average cesarean rate being one of the lowest in both states. Axia providers deliver more than 20,000 babies annually across regionally recognized hospitals.

The addition of Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers also includes Cincinnati Breast Surgeons, a three-physician specialty group focusing on the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of breast conditions.  Axia Women’s Health will support service expansion for both practices, as well as look to establish new value-based care programs to improve quality and lower costs for women in the Midwest.  

In late 2019, Axia Women’s Health purchased OB/GYN of Indiana, another large specialty physician group in the Midwest. Together, Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers, Cincinnati Breast Surgeons, and OB/GYN of Indiana represent a significant presence for Axia Women’s Health in the Midwest market, as well as a major milestone for the organization’s growth. Axia Women’s Health now offers more than 150 women’s health care centers and more than 400 women’s health providers.

Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, Chief Medical Officer with Axia Women’s Health, shares, “We’re excited to have found such a strong, collaborative partnership in Seven Hills. We look forward to, together, improving women’s healthcare in the Midwest.”

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