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Megan Lobsinger, MA, LPC

Megan partners with our physicians and other healthcare providers to offer support for emotional and mental health concerns that commonly occur alongside medical events.

Special Interests

Professional counseling, specializing in the treatment of women’s emotional health across the life span.

  • Transitions including puberty, childbearing and menopause
  • Grief and loss
  • Body image
  • Fertility
  • Trauma
  • Sexual health
  • Difficult diagnoses


Megan is from the suburban Chicago area and now resides in Madisonville. She enjoys yoga, reading, writing, hiking and spending time in nature.

Education and Certification

  • Undergraduate degree: Northern Illinois University
  • Graduate degree: Xavier University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Schedule an Appointment

Megan sees patients throughout many of our Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers locations across the tri-state. She has daytime, evening and Saturday appointments available for your convenience.

Please call (513) 621-CARE to schedule your clinical counseling appointment.

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